Private networks provide three benefits companies demand.
Speed. Security. Reliability.

Unfortunately, these features come at a cost. Private networks like MPLS are expensive, prohibitively so for many businesses. They are a challenge to use with cloud-hosted applications and services. They also can be burdensome to administer.

It’s time to go public with a solution to private network drawbacks:
Dispersive’s Virtualized Networking.

Using just a standard, business-class Internet connection, you can achieve greater speed, more reliability and tighter security. And you can do it with off-the-shelf hardware.

All it takes to upgrade your current network is a software download and DispersiveCloud. Dispersive’s solution is 100% compliant with any Internet infrastructure. And it can be accessed by any fixed and mobile device – from servers and laptops to tablets and smart phones.

Private network functionality without private network costs.
That’s Dispersive Virtualized Networking.